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It’s spring training 1978 in Fort Lauderdale. Michael Hawkins stands near the ball field fence wearing his Yankee uniform. He’s hypnotized by Reggie Jackson pulling into the “44” marked parking space in a two-toned Rolls Royce. A little boy snaps him out of it.

“Can I have your autograph?” The boy hands Hawkins a baseball.

Hawkins smiles. He’s been working on his autograph since he learned how to write. He’s dreamt of this moment. He scribbles across the leather and tosses the ball back to the boy.

“He didn’t even ask who I was,” Hawkins said. “I’m certain he looks at that ball every day and wonders who was that guy.”

That guy was someone who never made it past spring training with the 1978 World Series Champions. But that guy is Michael Hawkins, self-proclaimed “World’s No. 1 Miami Fan.” He’s a blue-collar orator, a hometown Homer, and if you sit across from him at Mac and Joe’s, he’ll tell a few tales.

Like the time Bo Schembechler ’51, Miami’s head football coach at the time and who lived two doors down, kicked Hawkins out of his house (actually it was more than once). Or the time he saved a fellow Navy sailor from falling overboard. Or the time he drove under a semi in heavy fog.

Or the time he melted his white motorcycle helmet – his signature piece of spirit wear that he dons at all the Miami football games. That was a tough loss. He and Michael Soika ’82, best friend and sidekick, were watching the RedHawks get beat by the Bearcats. Hawkins cracked his helmet in frustration. Later, he patched it and repainted it. He thought it might dry faster in the oven.

The melted helmet had been with him since the late ’70s when Hawkins was in high school. He found it in a trash can, hand painted the block “M,” and wore it to the Miami versus Toledo basketball game. At halftime, Hawkins challenged the Rocket mascot to a game of one-on-one. The Rocket accepted. Hawkins won. The Hamilton Journal-News published the photo. Hawkins’ taste for Miami University super fandom was born.

Just a boy who loved a team

Hawkins and his parents moved to Oxford in 1965 when he was 7. They planted their flag in a neighborhood that was a cradle of coaches of sorts. Moving in and moving out of the houses all around them were families with names such as Schembechler, Mallory, and Crum (all former Miami football head coaches), Hedric and Locke (basketball), and Middaugh (baseball).

The Alumni Association

The Miami University Alumni Association believes that a Miamian is any student, alumni, faculty member, staff member, administrator or friend of the University who is interested in bettering our University.

Miami University’s strength is its people: alumni, faculty and students as well as the many friends of the University. The Miami family is bonded together by a common pride and respect for the tradition of excellence that is the hallmark of the Miami University experience.

The Alumni Association is committed to preserving Miami’s heritage and cultivating the relationships that connect us all to Miami University for a lifetime. The Miami University Alumni Association is an opportunity for all Miamians to honor their Miami memories and to engage in activities that advance the University.


To serve Miami University and our alumni through meaningful engagement and lifelong learning opportunities that foster connections between and among alumni and with the university,


To create an engaged, lifelong alumni community defined by its awareness of, pride in, participation with and philanthropic commitment to Miami University.

Definition of alumni:

Miami University alumni include individuals who have obtained an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, professional, honorary or doctoral degree as well as individuals who have completed and passed at least 24 credit hours toward a degree-bearing program on any Miami campus. Individuals meeting any of these criteria receive membership in the Miami University Alumni Association, including access to communications, events and learning opportunities.

Four core values drive our programs and initiatives and determine our success:

1. Lifelong connections: We are committed to fostering lifelong connections between Miami alumni and the university.

2. Meaningful campus partnerships: We are committed to building and advancing campus partnerships that serve and connect our students, faculty, staff and alumni.

3. Diversity & inclusion: We are committed to strengthening the Miami alumni experience for all by celebrating diversity and advancing inclusion.

4. Fiscal responsibility: We are committed to stewarding our resources responsibly to ensure the alumni association’s long-term financial viability and sustainability.


Miami is fortunate to have a passionate alumni base that enriches our University in so many ways. An annual gift of $50 or more per year—designated to any area on campus that is meaningful to you—qualifies you for Participant membership. Participant gifts support your designated projects and priorities anywhere in the University. Participants receive basic benefits plus the yearly calendar and access to all print issues of the Miamian.



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