City Manager

The City of Oxford operates under a Charter Council-Manager form ofgovernment, whereby the City Manager serves as the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer.  The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is responsible for the management of all City affairs.  The City Manager's duties include: 
  • Ensure the charter, ordinances, and resolutions are faithfully executed.
  • Appoint and remove all City employees except those appointed by City Council
  • Direct and supervise the administration of all departments
  • Prepare and submit the annual budget and monthly reports to City Council
  • Sign all contracts and other legal documents
  • Implement Council policies
  • Advise Council
  • Serve as ex-officio member (without vote) of all boards and commissions
  • Perform other duties as required by City Council. 
The City Manager is assisted in carrying out the prescribed duties of the City Manager's office by an Assistant City Manager.  The Assistant City Manager is responsible for:

  • Communications
  • Economic Development
  • Human Resources
  • The Finance Department, under the direction of the Finance Director, is responsible for the audit and maintenance of all City financial records and accounts including all assets and liabilities in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The director is responsible for the custody, investment, and disbursement of all City funds and follows the investment policy as established by City Council. The department maintains effective and efficient procurement procedures, provides accurate and efficient payroll services, and ensures enforcement of the income tax ordinance.  The department is also responsible for centralized billing services for Water, Sewer, and Trash,
    and the collection of all other miscellaneous receivables generated throughout the City departments.

The City of Oxford Fire Department consists of:

  • Fire Chief: John Detherage
  • Fire Chief's Assistant & Office Manager: Treva Pierce
  • 3 Full-time Captains: Capt. Jay Fields, Capt. Chris Johns, and Capt. Chris Meador
  • 6 Full-time Firefighter/Paramedics:  Jared Baker, Sarah Hudnall, Blake Olson, Thom Radomski-Bomba, Patrick Clendinning, and Sam Daggett
  • 35 Part-time Firefighter/Paramedics/Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
  • 7 Student Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
About the Oxford Fire Department

The City of Oxford Division of Fire was founded in 1833. It provides fire protection and emergency medical services (EMS) for the City of Oxford, including the campus of Miami University, and Oxford Township. It also provides EMS for the Village of College Corner, Ohio and for the western half of Milford Township.

The Fire Department members work 12-hour shifts, from 7am to 7pm. We have 11 FT staff members and over 40 part time and volunteer firefighters/EMTs.  Volunteers are still very important to the Fire Department’s operation. Learn more about volunteering with us. 

In addition to performing the fire suppression activities typically associated with a fire department, the Fire Department provides advanced life support (paramedic) ambulance services for the city of Oxford and the surrounding communities.

Additional services provided by the Fire Department include: 

  • fire code enforcement and interpretation
  • fire inspections
  • fire investigations
  • fire sprinkler and alarm plan review
  • pre-fire planning
  • fire and EMS public education, including CPR certification

Contact Oxford's Fire Department:

Phone: (513) 523-6324
Fax: (513) 524-8249
Visit: 217 South Elm Street, Oxford, OH 45056

Learn More About Home Fire Sprinklers

The division proudly provides a wide range of police services and programs to residents, visitors and members of the business community. The division is staffed by sworn officers who are professionally trained and certified by the State of Ohio; and, by law, are also declared to be law enforcement officers of the State and conservators of peace with the authority to arrest. In addition to sworn staff, there are additional full-time and part-time civilian staff who provide other support to the division’s operations.

The Chief of Police is the chief executive officer for the division and is responsible for the planning and research functions, preparation of the division’s budget, supervising internal expenditures, and the overall administration of the selection of personnel. The division is further divided into two sections: operations and support, each supervised by a lieutenant who reports directly to the chief.



Oxofrd Inn Miami University
  • (513) 523-5000
  • 5399 College Corner Pike
  • Oxford, OH 45056

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